Welcome to St. George's

Worship is offered:
- Sundays at 8am (simple and contemplative) and 10am with choir, Nursery and Sunday School
- Advent Café Worship Wednesdays at 7pm
- Wednesday & Thursday at 12:10pm


Job Posting

St. George's is looking for a new Director of Music.


Advent Cafe
7pm. Every Wednesday,
through the side garden entrance
(left side, from facing the front of the church)


Community Breakfast
at St. George’s

We serve a hot and nourishing Community Breakfast 365 days of the year.
It is entirely free and is available to anybody who needs a meal, no questions asked.


Over 225 Years Young – History of St. George’s

“Lift up your hands in the Holy place and bless the Lord.” (Psalm 134)

In 2017, we celebrated our 225thAnniversary.  Founded in 1792, St. George’s was the first established church of St. Catharines, making it the oldest faith community in the city of St. Catharines. Generations have found strength and peace here through prayer, fellowship and service. On any given day, you will see this building open and serving breakfast to the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, and offering a place of prayer and faith for people of all ages and stages.

To see how we celebrated, see our Anniversary Brochure

In the example of Jesus we discover that everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to receive. To find where your gifts connect with our ministries, or where our ministries connect with your searching, find out more about our community of faith, St. George’s.


In Jesus we see who God is and what God cares about.  We follow Jesus in order to draw closer to God and to better serve the world.

The Bible

We explore how these ancient stories become alive and meaningful, and a source of God’s guidance, to us here today.

The Anglican Church

The Anglican Communion is worldwide. It is known as “the middle way” – tracing its roots back to the earliest followers of Jesus and the ancient church, but with a modern-day charism of an “Open Mind” to the new thing God is doing in us and in our world.


We offer different styles of worship throughout the week, from the very modern café setting of our Wednesday nights, to the quiet contemplation of Sundays at 8am and the beautiful family service with choral music and pipe organ at 10am.


Music has always been a way for people to connect more deeply with God. Music lifts our spirits and brings us into communion with one another. We offer music programs for people of all ages. Our worship services offer a wide variety of musical expressions, allowing us to pray more fully!


Our goal as Christians is to “seek and serve Christ in all persons.” We are engaged in meaningful service with those most vulnerable in our community and in our world. Find your life changed by learning to live for the sake of others.

I always believed in God. But something happens when you walk through the doors of this church. I just connect in a whole new way.

Terry Shergold

I come out of the church and I’m beaming. I talk about church to people, and I’ve never done that before!

Michelle Scott

A place of welcome, support, faith and hope.

Marc Delisio

I first came to St George’s for the excellent music, but over 9 years have come to love the people, the clergy, the many meaningful programs and opportunities for service.

Rose Spraggon

a place to question and grow in faith whilst offering wonderful opportunities for service.

Wendy Northcotte

St George’s has felt like home since we first walked in the door. God is here. Christ is here. The Holy Spirit moves through the love of the people.

Doreen MacFarlane

very faithful clergy and laity, supports all walks of life. Home, friendship, opportunities to learn and grow in faith; community involvement and a very welcoming place. I did a lot of church shopping before finding St George’s.

Vikki Coates

Advent Cafe provides an opportunity to connect with faith and spirituality in an informal and welcoming setting. Its "drop-in" atmosphere and easy-to-follow service makes it the kind of space that I, as someone who doesn't attend church regularly, find to be a simple addition to my life that lets me access the church in a way that is comfortable for me. As a music leader, I've been given the opportunity to find the divine in secular music and bring that to Advent Cafe; I am stretching my spiritual muscles and connecting with my gifts as a musician while also serving the community. I'm truly grateful for this role.

Katherine Kerley

"I was baptized, confirmed, married at St. George's and have spent my whole life there. And yet still every time I walk in, I just have to say WOW!"

Shirley Chamberlain

We have to make sure there is a future for St. George’s, not just a past.


Ever since I started coming here, I’ve felt right at home. It’s very welcoming and I really like the outreach to the community.


For a very long time, I was searching for a church that I could call home. I was looking for a church that was welcoming but, most importantly “walked the walk” with people living in poverty. A friend suggested I give St. George’s a try. Without hesitation, I can honestly say that I have found a home. Starting from my first visit to this day, I have been overwhelmed with the welcome I received the very first Sunday and every Sunday following; the numerous initiatives I could participate in to look after ALL of God’s children; and the amazing services and sense of community that I feel every time I walk into the church. I cannot thank all of you enough for filling my heart, soul and mind with love and compassion.


St. George’s is a different sort of church. Not many places have an outreach program that makes such a big impact. We can see where our money is going and what it is doing.


I feel very strongly that the Youth Choir is a huge asset to St. George’s. I am tremendously impressed... Let us value our youth and let them know we appreciate them.


There is an energy and enthusiasm from the youth that is very infectious.




Feeding Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls

Narrative Budget 2020


Get caught up on all of the happenings, opportunities, prayers and thanksgivings of St. George’s through our weekly Saints Connection.

Upcoming Events

Monday February 17th— Church Office is CLOSED for Family Day
Tuesday February 18th – English Café 4:30 in the Asbil Lounge
– Alpha 2020 6-8pm with Conversation & Meal in the  -Bear’s Den
– REVIVE 2/George Express Choir starts 6:50pm in the Asbil Lounge.
Wednesday Feburary 19th – Grief Group 1:30-3:30 Bear’s Den
– Parents Group at 5:45 Asbil Lounge
– Advent Café 7pm in the Bear’s Den Sermon Series “Mary, Mother of Jesus: Who is she?”Preacher: Aidan Johnson Music: Mari and Guest

Thursday February 20th

– Prayer Chain 11am in the Bear’s Den
– Prayer Shawl Meeting—1-3pm Asbil Lounge
Friday February 21st —Krehbiel Chorale Choir Practice 10am in the Bear’s Den
February 22nd—Coldest Night of the Year Walk February 24th—Parish Council 6 pm in the Asbil Lounge
February 25th – Pancake Tuesday
February 26th Ash Wednesday / Season of Lent begins
– Ash Wednesday Children’s Full Day Program 9am –  -3pm—ages 5 and up

– Ash Wednesday services 12:10pm and 6pm in the main sanctuary
– Ash Wednesday Advent Café 7pm in the Bear’s Den
February 27th– Visitor’s Meeting in the Asbil Lounge 1:30pm
February 29th—Labyrinth 9:30-12pm in the Gym
March 1st – New Journeys after the 10am service
March 3rd – Lenten Book Study Begins
March 6th – Celebration for Michael Mondloch 6pm
March 15th – Michael Mondloch’s Last Sunday at St. George’s
May 22nd – Celebration for John Butler

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