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Language  A worship service in which we share in the Communion of bread and wine is sometimes referred to as ‘The Mass,’ or simply ‘Communion.’  Our favourite Anglican term is Eucharist, which means ‘thanksgiving.’

All are Welcome  Regardless of your religious background, you are welcome at God’s table.  If you would like to participate, but don’t feel ready yet to share the bread and wine, you may come forward at the time of Communion, crossing your arms across your chest to receive a blessing.

Make Yourself at Home  This is God’s table and God wants you to feel welcome and comfortable.  If you wish to kneel to receive, you may.  If kneeling is hard on you, you can stand.  If you find it difficult to swallow the bread, slow down and take your time.

No Dipping  Because of concerns around passing germs through the common cup, some have chosen to dip their bread in the wine, rather than sipping from the cup.  This is actually less sanitary and poses a greater health risk.  We ask that if you are concerned about passing along a flu or cold bug, skip the wine today.

Allergies  If you are celiac, or have an intolerance to wheat, let us know so that we can include a gluten-free alternative.  If you have an allergy or intolerance to wine, then cross your arms after receiving the bread in order to indicate that you do not wish to receive wine.

Hands-On  While at one time it was considered disrespectful to touch the chalice containing the wine, our Communion Ministers nowadays are very grateful for your help in guiding the cup to your mouth.

Amen  The traditional response to receiving bread or wine at God’s table is ‘Amen.’  It is an ancient word that means ‘truly.’