Websites and the internet are evolving significantly in manys ways. Access to the internet has expanded geographically. Access speeds have improved. And wireless hotspots are now offered from many locations. The technology and standards that are the foundation of website design have and continue to evolve with a wealth of new capabalities. One of the more recent significant developments is the rapid rise of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as a primary way to access the internet

St. George's website has been designed with these advances in mind. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our users across all devices. In so doing there is a limit on supporting older technologies effectively. As an over all recommendation we advise that you always use the latest internet browser available. Not only will this improve your viewing experience, but equally important it will provide you with the best security protection on your device.

Recommended Browsers for Best Viewing

Windows PC

  • Internet Explorer - IE11 (IE9 or better with security riskes)
  • Google Chrome - Version 47 or better
  • Firefox - Version 45 or better
NOTE: As of January 2016 Microsoft has terminated all support of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 10 and earlier. Continuing to use this operating system and these browsers will create security risks.

Apple MAC

  • Safari - Version 8 or better
  • Google Chrome - Version 47 or better
  • Firefox - Version 45 or better

Android Browser

  • Versions 2.3+

Always upgrade to the latest version for best security protection and viewing experience.

All browsers are available as a free download.