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St. George's Anglican Church Special Services

St. George’s is a beautiful church and its central location makes it popular with both members and non-members of the church to mark significant events such as baptisms, weddings and funerals or simple memorial services.

Special Services


We believe that all of us are God’s children, that we are beloved, and that whether we are infants or adults, our welcoming into Christian faith through baptism is a powerful sign of God’s unconditional care for, and acceptance, of all of us. We also believe that whether you are making a choice for baptism for yourself, or for your children, this is an important decision which deserves to be treated with celebration and with thoughtful engagement. We are committed as a community to being part of how you feel supported and nourished in a life of faith, of how you find it possible to live out the promises of baptism in the simple, but powerful, actions and choices of everyday life.
If you are considering baptism for yourself or for your child, please contact the church office so that together we can make this a life-changing experience.


We believe that the vows of unconditional faithfulness made between two people in their wedding ceremony are a powerful reminder of how we are created in God’s image, how we are created with the capacity for love, created to find fullness and joy in our relationships with one another.
You may have family ties to St. George’s church, or you may be new to the area and as a couple you have yet to settle into a faith community. If you are looking for a church that will help you make your wedding day a time of beauty, prayer, and meaning, a church that will support you in your married life together, don’t hesitate to contact the church office and arrange to meet with our clergy to begin planning your special day.


When someone we love has died, we particularly seek a place of compassion, support and understanding to help us to make meaning of our loss and to honour the life that has meant so much to us. We can help you to plan a meaningful religious funeral or memorial service, and we can offer you resources in working through your grief.

Children’s Liturgy

Although we have an active and vibrant group of children and teachers who learn and explore our faith together in our Sunday school, we also believe that our worship is a place where children are welcome, where they can learn, pray, and where they also have gifts to offer. We experience that one of the great riches of our church is the fact that we are multi-generational, that each of us can both share and receive something from our brothers and sisters, whether they are older or younger than we are. Beginning with an inaugural service on June 8th, we will be offering a Children’s Liturgy as a regular feature of our worship pattern. Far from being only of interest to kids, those from the youngest to the oldest in our congregation will find this new service to be playful and thought-provoking, lively and prayerful.

Hall Rentals

We have a variety of spaces available for special events or meetings. For more information, email us using the Contact page, and/or complete the relevant forms found on the Forms page.