• The Community Breakfast Program
  • Bereavement Group
  • A.A. meets regularly in the Parish Hall
  • Out of the Cold
  • The Greeting Ministry
  • The Funeral & Wedding Ministry
  • Boy Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Brownies
  • Advent Giving Tree
  • Drumming Circle
Community Breakfast Program
Girl Guides Boy Scouts

We host or participate in a wide variety of outreach programs at St. George’s. Our Community Breakfast program serves about 70 people 365 days of the year. Volunteers from St. George’s, other churches and the wider community are on duty from 6:30 am, cooking and serving breakfast to those in need. Pneumonia Vests Program
Wednesday nights during the cold months, our church hosts the Out of the Cold program providing a hot meal and shelter to the homeless. The church buildings are also used by many other community groups and our clergy offer services to people outsidethe parish such as funerals, weddings, bereavement support and baptisms.
Reverend Canon Val offers educational sessions on Aboriginal issues throughout the year which include such things as Drumming, the Blanket Exercise, special Aboriginal Day of Prayer service, drum making workshops etc., to promote understanding of our historical relationships with our First Nations people.
Individuals often start up outreach activities on their own initiative: last year we knitted and donated 414 pneumonia vests for babies in Africa; there are often drives for warm winter clothes for the homeless; we collected sweaters for Jordan; and we also respond to other current needs as they arise.
St. George’s also promotes and supports a number of other charitable organizations such as Bethlehem Place and Support Services, and RAFT.
As well, you can find our clergy and members volunteering by sitting on Boards of non-profit organizations, volunteering for community events, and in general helping out wherever they can.